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Hi folks. Welcome to my first blog entry. It’s April. My family and I have been waiting out COVID-19 at home for weeks. I suspect it will be quite a few more weeks (or months) before we can get out. I decided it is the perfect time to start a new, fun project: A pumpkin carving website!

Welcome to

Halloween is quite a way off, but it’s never too early to get started. My kids are my product managers and have suggested several pumpkin carving ideas they would like to see. They have even sketched a few up including a unicorn, a Minecraft character (Herobrine), a witch on a broom, and an owl. 🙂

Why pumpkin carving templates?

I built an Alexa Skill name “My Pumpkin” for a hackathon last fall. It allows you to design a pumpkin face with your voice. It prompts you for what shape you want the eyes, nose, and mouth and will mail you a carving template. If you have an Echo Show device, it will update an image of the pumpkin on the screen in real-time. We had a lot of fun with it, and it took the prize for the best one-time purchase experience. To build on that success, I decided to do something again with the pumpkin carving theme.

Design tools and image formats

After a little practice, I got pretty good at creating SVG carving designs with Inkscape. I highly recommend it if you want to get started with illustrations. Inkscape is surprisingly good for the price (free) but, I am going to give Adobe Illustrator a try as well to learn which works best for me.

Why Inkscape and SVG format and not PNG or JPEG, you ask? SVG is a vector format that scales to any size without loss of quality. PNG and JPEG are bitmap formats, so they are better for screenshots and photos.

I will be offering some free and premium designs. Hopefully, I will have some free carving designs to show in the next few weeks.

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